It has been more than 30 years since the first cases of AIDS were reported in the U.S. HIV is still a reality for more than a million Americans.

Help Put an End to the Stigma by #FacingAIDS

  • encourage HIV testing in your community
  • address discrimination
  • help promote HIV/AIDS education
  • encourage proper health care
  • affirm support for people living with HIV/AIDS

Get Involved

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Support the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

"The stigma associated with HIV remains extremely high and fear of discrimination causes some Americans to avoid learning their HIV status, disclosing their status, or accessing medical care."

Learn what you can do to support the Strategy

AIDS is going to lose

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You and your community can help reduce stigma and promote HIV testing by putting a face to AIDS for World AIDS Day (12/1) and beyond.

Learn how you can take action on World AIDS Day